Koue Bokkeveld Opleidingsentrum

fokus op alle fasette van landbou-opleiding in die breƫ Ceres-Koue Bokkeveld streek.


Na ses jaar waartydens daar slegs gefokus is op opleiding, het dit duidelik geword dat daar ‘n groot behoefte bestaan vir opheffing / ontwikkeling in die streek.  Daar is besluit om ‘n nie-winsgewende organisasie te stig om hiermee te help. Eintlik was dit nie iets nuuts nie want hierdie tipe werk word al vir die afgelope 20 jaar in die Koue Bokkeveld gedoen o.a. deur organisasies soos die voormalige Landelike Stigting.

Doelwit van die NPO

Die doel van die NPO is ontwikkeling  van die plaaswerkers in die gebied. Ontwikkeling vind plaas op verskillende gebiede naamlik:  geestelik, sosiaal, in gesinsverband en veral die ontwikkeling van die volgende generasie plaaswerkers is die fokus. Tradisioneel is die plaaswerker “agtergeblewe” en is daar baie sosiale probleme o.a. drankmisbruik, geweld, ens.  Alle dienste wat gelewer word, fokus op hierdie ontwikkeling.

Die doelwit is nie nuut nie. Daar is baie ad hoc projekte aangebied en verskeie organsiasies en kerke het al insette en bydraes gelewer.  Hierdie is egter die eerste geordende  poging van so ‘n omvang en met ‘n voltydse Koördineerder in diens wat spesifiek ontwikkeling dryf in die genoemde streek.  

Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre NPO Annual Narrative Report and Financial Statements March 2016 - February 2017


Culture evening and talent competition

On the 5th of March 2016 we held a culture evening to identify new talent in our area. It was held at the Service Centre in Ceres from 19:00-22:00. More than 200 people came to watch the performances. We asked a R10 admission fee at the door to help us with the expenditures of the evening. The groups and individuals that performed the evening were as follows:

  • Skurweberg School Choir - Singing
  • Koelfontein Estate - Rieldans
  • Waaboomsberg Farm - Dance group
  • Ciska Oranje, Individual - Singing
  • Hoogland Farm - Singing
  • Leopont Farm- Dance group
  • Skurweberg School – Drama play
  • Tandfontein Farm- Gospel dance group

As indicated above, there was a variety of singing, dancing and a drama play. The evening was very entertaining and the audience loved every moment. The talent competition helps to improve the participants' self-esteem, motivation and the communities social cohesion, and therefore has a positive impact on the individual and the community as a whole.

Youth Programme

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said: “We cannot build the future for our youth, but we can build a youth for the future”. We at the Koue Bokkeveld Training centre strive to contribute to Witzenberg’s youth development by implementing a successful youth programme throughout the year 2016. The programme ran from January until December 2016. The main objective was to have a facilitator once a month in the Koue Bokkeveld and the Warm Bokkeveld areas to teach the youth about a specific topic. The youth also had monthly small group sessions on the farm accompanied by an adult, also from the farm, to give feedback and do their assignments. 112 Farm children were enrolled in the programme. The programme was compiled to ensure that the youth do not get bored with the topics and also to encourage positive recreational activities. We’ve received funding from Cape Winelands District Municipality and an export company, Core Fruit, to implement the youth programme. The following activities and topics are applicable to our project:

  • Environmental education to ensure care and sustainability of nature and our environment.
  • To identify, prevent and support youth at risk.
  • To make the youth aware of bullying, the impact of it and how to help a child in need.
  • Boere sport day to encourage team building and fun.
  • Youth day with various service-delivery organisations.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse awareness, prevention and support.
  • Relationships with my intimate partner.
  • Relationships with myself, my parents and my friends.

The youth programme addressed a range of crucial social problems and issues in our community and in South Africa that are unfortunately increasing rather than decreasing. We particularly focused on bullying, alcohol and drug abuse, relationships with parents and partners, environmental issues and risk behaviour. Each of these problems are associated with other social and health issues such as teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, leaving school too early, employment, lack of self-esteem, peer pressure, among others.

From this, it can be concluded that the Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre successfully implemented this extraordinary youth programme in the Witzenberg area to ensure further rural development and upliftment.

Music Project Outing

The music project gives children from the farms the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument. This exposure equips new and existing learners with knowledge and the necessary skills to encourage music on the farms and to bring change within their social cultural context. Over the years it has become evident to us that musical education improved the children’s self-esteem and discipline, perseverance and a sense of belonging to a constructive group. Currently we have 13 recorder groups (126 learners) and 3 guitar groups (33 learners) on the various farms and at the local schools.

Monday, 7 March 2016, the Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre, took 13 scholars of Boy Muller Primary School and three adults, through to Stellenbosch. As a special treat this group of guitarists, they were invited to attend an outing based on their excellent progress. There, Hein Jack of W. Heuer Musikhaus, met them and gave them guitar training. Hans Heuer welcomed them personally and shared the rich history of the shop from its humble beginnings to the present.

Not only is Hein Jack employed at W. Heuer Musikhaus, but he has his own music company, HJ Productions Ltd in Stellenbosch and is a guitarist who has played for several of SA's famous musicians, and also gives guitar training. He spoke with the children and shared his highly inspirational life story which reiterated the fact that he is an exceptional role model for these young people. Thereafter they enjoyed "jamming' with Hein, where he taught them 7 notes and took them to see the recording studio. The training took place from 12:45-14:45.

After a McDonalds lunch (a real treat for farm kids!), they attended a play of Dalene Matthee's famous noval, Fiela se Kind, which was presented in Stellenbosch City Hall, as part of the annual Woordfees.

Fiela se kind is a prescibed Afrikaans novel for most schools. The novel is set in nineteenth-century rural South Africa. Fiela's Child tells the story of Fiela Komoetie and a white, three-year-old child, Benjamin, whom she finds crying on her doorstep. For nine years, Fiela raises Benjamin as one of her own children. But when census takers discover Benjamin, they send him to an illiterate white family of woodcutters who claim Benjamin to be their son. What follows is Benjamin's search for his identity and the fundamental changes affecting the white and Coloured families who claimed him. The production was from 15:00-17:00.

The impact of these projects on the Witzenberg area is phenomenal. It gives underprivileged children from the rural farming community the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument. Most parents, in poor communities, work from early morning until sunset especially on the farms. Therefore our music project is an excellent after school curriculum to prevent risk behaviour such as teen pregnancy, community violence, substance abuse and neglect that has an overall negative impact on the community’s health and wellness.

Witzenberg Mass Choir

This was the first year that we formed a Witzenberg Mass Choir. Two choir leaders from the farms were invited to participate in this event. ATKV provided us with a choir conductor that coached them for the competition. Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport funded the Choir Festival and it was held on 24 April at the Endler hall in Stellenbosch. Our mass choir did very well and it increased the participants self confidence and equipped them with the necessary tools to improve their own farm choir.

ATKV Riel dance

On 9 May 2016, we were fortunate enough to be able to held the ATKV riel dance first heat in the Koue Bokkeveld for a second year. During 2015 there were 1 000 spectators. In 2106 it grew with the enormous amount of 3 000 spectators whom were either curious about this traditional sport or came to support their teams.

Newlands Rugby Outing

260 Stormers supporters (Male) from the Witzenberg region went to Newlands stadium to support their team against the Cheetahs on 28 May 2016. They were very pleased because the Stormers won. Due to farm transport issues we organise this event in order for the workers to enjoy the opportunity to go to Cape Town and the realize there is another world outside of Ceres. This is a very joyful event for the men where they can relax and socialize with other men from other farms.

Youth day

This year we had almost 300 attendees on Youth day that took place at Lushof Farm at Prince Alfred Hamlet on 16 June 2016. All of the presenters were local from the Witzenberg area. The goal of the day was to share testimonies in order to encourage the farm children to believe that they can rise from their circumstances and that they can achieve their dreams. We showed them that tertiary qualification is possible and that it does contributes to a successful career. The presenters’ life stories motivated them to matriculate and to make the right life choices. We combined the day with local performances and ended with a warm pot of chicken curry.

Women’s day

Tuesday the 9th of August celebrated Women’s day. Four hundred and seventy (470) women attended this day at Skurweberg School in the Koue Bokkeveld. We focused on two topics; 1.) How do I help my child that is involved with substances and 2) Being a women and self-care. Our main speaker for the day was Karin van Wyk, Mrs. African Queen and 5th runner up at Mrs. Globe. She also won the Sophistication Award. She taught the women that our goals can change overtime and that it can also take years to achieve. She reiterate the importance of being a wife, a mother and a child of God.

In the end of the day the women learned tools to be able to help their children involved with substances. They were taught to have the right values, be a present parent, to seek help and to build a support network. The women received each a lovely hand-out with magazines and beads. They made beautiful necklaces with the beads. We ended the day with a lovely home-cooked meal.

Women’s Day is a day for us as an organisation to give female Agri workers the recognition that they need as either a wife, mother, single parent or sole bread winner of the house hold. It is a day where they can relax, laugh en enjoy a positive atmosphere amongst other women who has the same needs and problems. Therefore this is a day that will always be a highlight on our calendar and we take great pleasure in organizing Women’s Day.

Choir Competition

The finals of the Choir competition were combined with the NQF 1 and 4 certificate ceremony. 5 Choirs took part in the finals and Dennekruin won for the first time choir of the year. It was a big honour for us to have two of the most experienced ATKV judges on the panel. There were few challenges this evening. We didn’t receive all the certificates before hand and the ceremony master had no manager. This made the evening not so perfect but it was defnitely a good night and a learning oppurtunity for us.

Men’s day

For Men’s day we partnered with the organisation, The World needs a Father. They spoke about the negative impact of being an absent father and how to be a present father. 480 men gathered on Saturday, the 24th of September 2016 at Skurweberg Secondary, Op-die-Berg. After the speakers held a presentation they also made smaller groups to take more indepth and to answer questions. The men enjoyed a lovely braai afterwards. During our evaluation they did recommend we change the venue for 2018 because a few men left the venue to go to town.

Developmental camps

Every year we have different camps for different target groups namely, Junior camp (grade 7s); Senior camp (grade 9-12s), Elsenburg camp (potenial Agricultural students); Ubuntu camp (Xhosa and Sotho speaking persons); and the Mannekamp (Men who wants to change their lives). These camps were a big success and therefore we will proceed with this. Here are some wonderful photos.

From the above narrative report it is clear that Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre NPO had more than a few successesful events, programmes and developmental camps. The biggest challenge is to find the appropriate funders to fund the projects. Even with financial challenges we were able to implement extraodanary projects and has been sustainable since 2006. We are excited for the year ahead.